1. FYI to any long lost readers out there - I love all things on this etsy site (cough.. birthday in 2 months.. cough...) | upper metal class

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  2. bohemianhomes:

    spicy black beans with avocado, coriander, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion & sprouts on a wholemeal wrap

    Yes, please!

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  3. Talk about perspective! Was 2005 really that far from technology? The next time we see this in St. Peter’s square should be interesting…

  4. luciwithani:

    Now THAT is a dress. 


    Pretty sure this is Jennifer Lawrence appreciation day and I am joining in.

    She looked great in her first dress, won best actress, tripped on the stage, acknowledged it and dismissed it so well in her speech, gave a great press conference, and then wore this. YES.

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  5. image

    B killed it. 

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  6. danceyrselfclean:

    Cold War Kids, Miracle Mile (from the album Dear Miss Lonely Hearts)

    Dear Miss Lonely Hearts drops 4/2….ahhh I didn’t know we were getting new CWK in 2013.  I just got so excited.  And yes Miracle Mile is a rocking good jam.

    Come up for air…”

    New CWK! I’ve been all sorts of ready for this for a very long time. 

  7. This is what January 12th felt like.

  8. This is what January 12th looked like.

  9. Resolution - 2013!

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  10. Looking for a last minute Christmas present for a little girl (or boy!)?

    THIS is the perfect gift! However, I doubt it would make it in time but maybe you’re celebrating after? Or maybe a birthday is coming up?

    I bought this tea set for my niece for Christmas and I must say, I am extremely jealous! I would have played with this thing for hours with my sisters when we were younger. And we probably would have “forced” my brother into joining us… but with him peeking around the corner and always wanting to play our games, I doubt it would have required too much convincing. 

    Found at catbird and now that I look at their site, it appears to be sold out. Hopefully they will re-stock, but if not.. there’s always next year!

  11. It’s the final countdown to the holiday break!

    It begins Saturday with a flight back to Iowa (weather permitted, of course). They are having this crazy thunder and lightning snow storm … sayy whaaaaat? Yeah I didn’t know it existed either. So let’s just hope my flight doesn’t get delayed or stranded and makes it safely. 

    Then it’s Christmas at home … looks like it will be a winter wonderland (eeee!). 

    And then it’s time to celebrate a great 2012 and ring in 2013 in Costa Rica! We’re back to the same place we went last year and I cannot wait to walk on that beach again. 

    It should be noted that this all depends on if we make it through Friday or not. World, please don’t end before this much needed break!

  12. Step 1: find tree

    Step 2: bring tree home

    Step 3: throw tree in pool

    Step 4: decorate tree

    What’s that you say? You skip step 3?



  13. "Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see."

    I can’t decide which is worse - never getting the golden ticket for the midnight Christmas adventure aboard the polar express OR never getting my Hogwarts letter and leaving from platform 9 and 3/4.

    Still waiting for the two most desired train rides ever…

    But in the meantime, ALL ABOARD: The Polar Express is on Netflix. 



  14. How do you all function?

    You guys. I’m struggling with doing all things for work, having a social life, getting things done at home, running errands, working out and planning for future events. Like really struggling, as categorized by the following:

    • I have been working ridiculously long days lately. And I know it won’t last forever but I keep telling myself this and it does get better (for about a week) … and then crazy for two weeks, better for a week, etc. I’m in the worst now and I’ve accepted it but I really really really hope it won’t always be like this.
    • And then I get home and think, I should cook something or bake something or eat something because it’s been a full 12-15 hours and all I had to eat today was a PB&J sandwich and some (almost rotten) apples. But I’m too tired, past the point of hunger, and have nothing left but junky food that doesn’t expire. I think, “I really should go grocery shopping” but that also requires time and well, what do you know..?
    • What about getting a workout in? “Nahh because then I’d have to eat something for energy and there is no food. I’d also need to shower and it takes too much time and I already showered this morning..”
    • Laundry gets done. About two loads a week are thrown in the wash, clothes are transferred to the dryer, some go to the drying rack, and then they stay there. Hanging them up requires too much effort and time and very little of both of these remain at the end of the day.
    • Let’s not even talk about cleaning. Dusting? Vacuuming? On the weekends, if we’re lucky. 
    • I’m behind on my shows! This is important people… I need to know what happens in Modern Family, Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother… top priority! 
    • I’d like to be a good human being and volunteer more, but let’s be real.
    • I could do these things on the weekend, but usually there is some sort of catching up on work, interacting with family, socializing with friends, and the like that also needs to be worked in because I want to LIVE and not just be a robot. But I’m too tired to do all of those things. I need sleep. So I pick one or maybe two. And you know what, it’s not the cleaning/laundry/grocery shopping/working out/baking/mailing/etc. 

    So I’m behind on all things. And then I think, how do people with families do this? What if I were in school and working all the time? How would I manage if I had a pet that needed to go outside for its “duties” on a regular time cycle?

    Enlighten me, how do you manage your time? Because I certainly don’t manage.

  15. Scenes from this weekend to make another 14 hour work day tolerable.

    The back story: my friend Megan always celebrates her birthday every year by coordinating a game of sloshball. This was my second year attending, and it was a riot.

    For those of you unaware, sloshball is basically “drinking kickball”. I won’t go into details but the idea of the game is to not drop your cup. And it must be in your hand at all times.. which can make catching a flying ball quite tricky. And also verrrrrrry entertaining.

    FYI, we had a good time.